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    Keeping stock updated in "Invoices" Starter Solution



      Keeping stock updated in "Invoices" Starter Solution


      Hello. New FileMaker user here with a question about the "Invoices" Starter Solution for FileMaker Pro 11.


      Seems like this template is about exactly what I want to use, but how can I keep track of how much stock of a particular product I have on hand? In the "Products" layout, there is a field for "Amount in Stock," but this doesn't seem to change when I fill out an invoice and add a quantity of a product.

      Can this template automatically track the amount of stock based on invoices or is this something that has to be done manually? Or am I just missing something really obvious?


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          You could add a script at some point in the invoice process to adjust stock levels.


          Im not familiar enough with the starter solution but it seems the most reasonable way to do this quickly


          Im assuming the relationship between your product table and the invoice line already exists.

          You can then use a script triggered off one of the fields (probably lineitem qty) to update the related products qty count

          something like

          Set variable [$lineitemqty; invoicelineitem::qty]

          Go to Related Record [producttable]

          Set Field [producttable:::qty, producttable::qty - $lineitemqty]

          Go to Layout[original]


          Somethiing like that dont quote it as gospel at the moment


          Im sure the gurus here may have a better way to script this but  the concept is the same.

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            The main thing I don't like about this starter solution is that it can only track current inventory levels. It doesn't show you how inventory levels are fluctuating over time--and this is often very valuable information to have. There's an alternative approach you can use based on an "inventory log" that will track such changes. You can adapt your lineitems table to function as this log.


            Search this forum for Inventory Log and you'll find several threads on this subject.