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Keeping track of Items and their parts...

Question asked by AdamHorne on Sep 16, 2013
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Keeping track of Items and their parts...


     I work in film/television and I'm trying to keep track of equipment that is on our TV show.   When I get I light, for instance, it comes with all sorts of parts.   I could receive a various parts at various times, so my goal is to create a Transactions table that will pull equipment names from my "Equipment" table. 

     Using the picture as an example, I would create a "10K Baby Tener" record.  I'm sure I would need to create an individual record for "DTY Globe 10,000W" and for all its various parts.   

     My question is, when I add a "10K Baby Tener" to a new transaction, how do I pull up the 10K's related records, similar to the picture...