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Keeping track of old records

Question asked by Atkins on Nov 12, 2012
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Keeping track of old records



     I'm trying to devise a way to keep track of inventory records after they've been modified.  This could be done in a separate FileMaker file or in a separate table in my current file, whichever is best.  The reason I'm trying to achieve this is because in my inventory database, if I move an item from Room A to Room B, the item then shows in Room B.  If I want to later go back and see where it was before Room B, or maybe it isn't actually in Room B and I need to check previous locations, I currently have no way of doing that because I just over-wrote my location info.  There's also a little bit of a safety issue as well, so that if a field is accidentally erased (such as 'Purchase Date'), I could go to the previous version of that record and get that date, which would be the same no matter when or where the record exists.

     My initial idea was to try and move an entire record to a separate FileMaker file and just let them stockpile in that file.  It would have an inventory table with all the same fields as my current inventory table, and I could timestamp any data when it arrives so I know when the change was made.  I can't figure out a way to do this.  FileMaker has a "copy record" command but there's no "paste record" command.  And you can export records or fields but only to unique files (or so it seems).

     Are there any good, elegant ways to make this happen?  Thanks for any advise.