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    Keeps logging me in as the Admin



      Keeps logging me in as the Admin


           Wondered if anyone ever encountered this.  I'm creating a Filemaker database on the server.  I have two accounts, one that is an Admin, the other is just a Participant.  When I log out and back in, I type in the participant's username and password, but it's still showing up as the Admin name when I check the "Clients" log in the server…?  I tried deleting out the Admin's name in the Keychain Access, but that didn't seem to solve it...

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               There are User Names and there are Account Names. User Names are specified in Preferences and Account names are specified in Manage Security. They can be exactly the same text, but adding and using a new Account name does not automatically change the Username specified in Preferences. I Filemaker confuses this fact by automatically entering the User name as the default account name when you first open a password protected file.

               I suspect that what you see in the log is the User name and thus you see  the Admin user name instead of the new account name used to access the database.