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Question asked by ThomChase on Mar 19, 2011
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Hi All, 

I have a quick questions about linking databases in the most efficent way. I am currently building a database that inculdes Customer, Property, Jobs. 

So customers live in properties that have jobs assigned to them. Multiple customers can live in multiple properties which can all have multiple jobs assigned to them. 

I have got this working by using the property name as the key. Now this is all good beacuse when you are on a customer page you can can assign it to a property using the property name. 

But I find that if the property name is changed at all then the link breaks. What I want to do is use a Property_ID as the key and have this unchangable. But on the customer tab I don't want people to have to drop down a list of Property_ID's to find the correct property. Can I make it so the ID is the key but you can have a drop down list of the property names.