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Key Record Selected from within portal?

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Jan 20, 2011
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Key Record Selected from within portal?


I am making an event management database.  In my "event details" form, I want to display records from my "customer" table using a portal.  

Right now, I need a field in my "event details" form/table that is related to a field in my "customer" table.  I call it "company name" in both the "event details" form/table and the "customer" table (i do not use a customer ID number field because my company only has a few customers that we refer to by name).  

I also want to be able to add to the "customer" table from the "event details" form/table (which i know how to do).  To do this completely, I need to display the field "company name" from the customer table so new "customer" records can be created from the "event details" form.  Having the related field "company name" and the "company name" from the table looks redundant and confusing to my user.  

Is there any way to display a single reference in a portal by selecting the first field in that table from a drop down list?

Thank you for your time.