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    Key shortcut to Insert file?



      Key shortcut to Insert file?



           I am new to FileMaker (Pro 12 Advanced on a Mac OSX 10.6.8). I am also not very familar with Applescript or Automator.

           One of my input screens has a container field that holds a file reference for a PDF.

           Is there any way to create a custom keyboard shortcut to insert a file? (as an alternative to right-clicking and invoking the insert file dialog).

           Related question: I cannot find the answer in the docmentation, but I assume that dragging and dropping a file into a container field would cause the file to be embedded (not referenced).


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               Yes, drag and drop will embed the file.

               You can script the insert by adding a button, then this becomes a one mouse click operation.

               You can set up the OnLayoutKeystroke trigger on your layout to respond to a key or a combination of modifier key and key to open the insert File dialog.

               You'll want to look up these functions: Get (TriggerKeystroke) ; Get ( TriggerModifierKeys ) as well as the char and code functions.