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    Key Word Overide



      Key Word Overide


      Hi there, with the good help Ninja and using the 'Show Custom Dialog' function I have a security function where a password produces a key word 'Completed' to appear in a field called 'status'.


      In addition to this feature the 'Status' field also has a dropdown attached with the following options:






      I only want staff to use the dropdown and management the security function.


      Everything works BUT I can still go into the 'Status' Field and overide with the word 'Completed' - how can I create an exception in the 'Status' field to prevent the overide?


      Many thanks for any help - Mark

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          Howdy MarkMac,


          It looks like you chose the less secure method of approaching the problem and now have a further security loophole...please think further on using account privileges to accomplish what you are after...it will serve you better in the long run.


          Further on accounts and privileges:

          If the staff can only see things which are not "completed", then they can't override the "completed" dropdown.  Use the staff's Accounts and Privileges to make "completed" items not visible...then they can't override them.


          I would reccommend:

          - Remove the "Custom Dialog" approach that you put in.

          - Make a layout copy of the staff's working layout...call it "management layout"

          - Add the "allow field" from your previous post on this topic visible on the "management layout" (make it a radio button for ease of clicking)

          - remove the "allow field" from the staff layout so they can't change the field.

          - set the staff's Record Level Privileges to "limited..." and use a calculation of the sort  "Table1::Status ≠ "completed"

          - set the staff's Layout privileges to "custom Privileges" and remove thier ability to access the "management layout".

          - Set the management's privileges to "custom privileges" and remove their ability to see the "staff layout" (ie. force them to use the management layout so they don't pick the wrong layout and come to you asking why you removed the "allow" field)

          Now the staff can't even see the jobs that are completed...they can't override it if they cant find it.
          And only the management can access the "allow field" giving you the security you were looking for in the first place.
          Does this give you what you're after?  It is more secure than the "lesser choice" option you chose.  Go with the "greater choice" for more robust security.
          Please let us know how it works for you.
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               As Ninja stated, the proper way to do this is with Accounts and Privs...
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                 Hi Ninja, thanks for your comments but I have a remedy. Thanks so much for taking the time to consider my FileMaker problem - appreciated
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                Howdy MarkMac,


                Best of luck, hope it works well for you.  If you run into problems with it, please remember this thread.

                Enjoy the day!