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key/serial # issue, using 2 copies purchased in 2 for 1 deal from you.

Question asked by wadematteson on Dec 24, 2010
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key/serial # issue, using 2 copies purchased in 2 for 1 deal from you.


I've been working on a shoestring budget with a startup company and while in development on a Mac found the font metrics different on windows machines. So I took it over to windows machine and refined sizes, spacing etc. Then to test on their network  I loaded the 2nd copy (I bought a 2 for 1 deal online from you) on another windows machine. I had previously loaded the same one on a server but have removed it and the db from the server at this time for testing purposes. It was intended that this db be put on-line for sharing over the internet in the end but our servers software needs an update to handle in the mean- time I was going to "beta test" and work out the bugs on the db using just the 2 copies of the software that I own. It is only installed on 2 windows machines at this time. When I set one up as the host and tried to share the db with the other machine it said I had too many copies running...I don't? and that the conflict was with the machine hosting the db. I checked the serial numbers on both windows machines and they are different and match the assigned numbers I received from you in the e-mail link. What's going on?

Hopefully if the beta testing works out the company will spring for additional seats and/or a server version...but not until I can have them try it. Can you help me out here? I would be glad to provide more info like the serial numbers etc if it will help, just let me know what you need.

p.s. does this forum have a way of setting up for e-mail notification of response to the postings?