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Keyboard Input slow to be echoed to screen.

Question asked by philmodjunk on Nov 24, 2009
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Keyboard Input slow to be echoed to screen.


FMP 10 and FMP 10 advanced, Windows XP, SP3


I have a DB that is hosted by FMP (not FMS).


At times, when I type into a simple text field, (no script triggers, no calculations that reference the field), there is an annoyingly noticeable lag between when I press a key and when I see the key's character echoed to the screen. It can easily fall 5 or 6 characters behind while I type at a moderate to fast speed.

  1. It's possible that we have the limit or near the limit of clients logged in (9 users).
  2. It's unlikely, but not impossible that another user has a second file hosted by the same computer open to a layout summarizing a large number of records.
  3. When I saw this happen just now, I checked the host computer and found an Apple Software update dialog had popped up asking to update a few Apple applications. (I was checking to see if an anti virus program might be running a disk scan.)

I tend to rule out item 2 as the most frequent complainer of this screen lag, is my boss and he's the only one that would be doing that action. If he's entering data, then the system would not be updating a layout with a summary field summarizing several thousand records so I don't think this is the issue.


Any thoughts on what might be bogging down the system here?


The obvious answer is to move the files onto a server with Filemaker Pro server to host the files, but so far have been unable to convince my boss that this should be done.