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    Keyboard not responding



      Keyboard not responding




      I am using Filemaker 8.5 and have recently started to have a problem with my database.  When I do a simple find I am unable to enter any text into the field as the keyboard does not respond.  It is not a problem with the keyboard as it works normally in all other applications and when I try to enter new data in filemaker, it works fine, but for some reason the find has some sort of problem.


      Can anyone please help?


      Many thanks.

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          Any plugins? Also you can enter the field in find mode correct?

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            I'm having a similar problem, I believe, and have a few more details...


            The problem occurs on one particular workstation when connecting to a remotely hosted database.  The host is using FileMaker Pro Server 8 and all clients are using FileMaker Pro 9.  Oddly enough, the problem does not occur on other workstations using the same version of FileMaker Pro and connecting to the same database. 


            When connected to the database from the problem machine, I am unable to see the field borders and unable to see any text entered in Find Mode.  Even though the fields are not visible I can click where the field should be since they are all labeled.  The cursor does not show in the field nor does any text that I enter.  However, text IS being entered and a search can be performed, but it is very difficult for this particular client to perform searches without the text being echoed onscreen.


            Any thoughts?





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              Thank you for your post.


              Does the problem occur only with this one remote database file?  Do all remote files exhibit the same behavior?  If you open a file locally, is there any problem?


              What operating system (and version) are you running?


              Any additional information you can provide may be helpful in narrowing down possible causes.



              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                Thank you for your response...


                Good questions.  The OS is Windows XP Professional w/ SP2.  


                The problem does occur with other remote databases.  Also, though I hadn't tried it until you asked, the problem occurs with a locally opened file as well.  No cursor is visible when I click on any field in any database (to edit a record.)  Anything typed in a field is not visible until I leave that particular field.  So, when using the Find Mode, no typed text is ever visible since I do not "leave" that field before performing the search.


                I removed previous version of FileMaker Pro from the computer and tried the repair installation of FileMaker Pro 9 as well as a full uninstall/reinstall.  No luck.  Please let me know if there is any other information that will help diagnose this problem.



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                     My problem has nothing to do with servers.  I am running Filemaker on my pc at home on Windows XP with all service packs installed.  I also have no plugins.  It is a very simple yet extremely important database used for my business.  Manually searching records is proving to be very time consuming so any help is greatly appreciated.
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                    are you sure that the field you try to enter is not a field that has "global storage" set in the filed-definition?


                    regards, Menno

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                      Might be a different problem, but just to add if it helps:

                      Sometimes a certain letter on my keyboard will stop working, when i switch to a different app and enter some text, then switch back  everything is resolved. Im on FM 8.0 Mac

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                        Thank for the additional information.


                        In FileMaker Pro, pull down the View menu and select "Layout Mode."  Then, click one of the fields, pull down the Format menu and select "Text Color" and choose Black.


                        Next, pull down the View menu and select "Browse Mode".  Put your cursor in the field, pull down the Format menu and select "Text Color" and again, choose Black.


                        Let me know if this works for you.



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                             Well, this problem is very strange. I tried your suggestion, thanks, but no luck. I really thought you were on to something when I read your post. Let me explain further...

                          When clicking in a field the cursor is never visible. It's not solid, it's not blinking... it's as if it isn't there. But it must be there since I can add text to a field, it just doesn't get echoed back to the screen. Once I click anywhere outside of the field the text I entered appears.

                          Clicking and dragging the mouse to highlight the contents of the field show nothing either. Again, the contents are actually highlighted... it just isn't visible to the user. I have to click out of the field to see what was typed.

                          Upon your suggestion, I tried a number of color experiments... changing the font color, the fill color, background color, etc. None seemed to do the trick though the idea was a good one.

                          I am beginning to think the problem has something to do with this workstation particularly since I do not get the same behavior from other workstations connecting to the same database using the same version of FMP. Yet, this is the only program on this workstation that is having problems.

                          Any more suggestions? I am currently applying all Windows updates to the machine...

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                            Since you can use windows to customize highlight colors and what mouse cursor appears and so forth...


                            I'd check Display control panel out and compare the settings to those of a workstation where you don't see the problem.

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                              Another strange behavior I noticed...


                              When toggling through records, the record numbers (on the left-hand side of the screen) are displayed over the top of the previous number.  For example, when I open the database, Record: 1 (in the box below) is displayed normally.  If I toggle to the next record, the number '2' is overlayed in the same space on top of the 1.  If I toggle to the next record, it becomes a 3 on top of a 2 on top of a 1.  It doesn't take long before it's impossible to tell what record you are on. 


                              I have no idea what's going on...

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                                I completely uninstalled FileMaker Pro 9 from the problem machine and downgraded to 8.5.  The database is now behaving exactly as it should.  I couldn't figure out what was causing the problem in version 9.  Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

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                                  OK, some developments.  I started to think that maybe there was an error with my find script and started to analyse that but that all seems fine.  I also started to notice that my computer responds a lot slower when running filemaker.  The mouse does not glide so freely across the screen and, perhaps more relavent to my problem, when I constantly tap any key, eventually it appears.  This is not every time but frequent enought to be of significance.  So now I am thinking whether I have a problem with the machine and running filemaker.  All other apps run fine without any issues.


                                  Thanks a lot for your help so far.

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                                       Have you checked the system requirements for Filemaker 9 and compared them to the specs for that machine?
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