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    Keyboard short cut customisation


      Keyboard short cut customisation


           Hi, I've got a standard mac, and I know the short cut keys for adding today's date and adding my username.

           I want to know is there a way of customising the keys so I can add today's date with my username with simply one key.

           Also, is there a way to customise a new key to add something like today's date and text like "contact not in left voice mail" with one shortcut


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               I would not put this data in the same field. I'd put the date in a date field and the user name or other text in a different field or fields. That keeps your date in a field where you can treat it as a date instead of as text.

               There are some key combinations you can use to in conjunction with the OnObjectKeystroke trigger See also the Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) and the Get ( TriggerModifierKeys) functions in FileMaker help. But many ctr-key combinations are reserved for tripping OS functions and cannot be set up with this trigger.

               You may also want to set up a field to auto-enter the user name or account name each time that the record is modified as a way to capture that information.

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                 Thanks Phil,

                 I'm doing this now! New table new portals for adding notes with date ...

                 Big job but worth it!