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    keyboard shortcut to change case?



      keyboard shortcut to change case?


      Using FM Pro 11 Advanced, I find that some records in one field have been entered in uppercase, and I want them to all be in title case.  In layout mode, I can easily change the field to title case, which looks great, but only applies to that layout.  If I want the data changed in all layouts, I understand have to use the browse mode.  Since there is no button on the formatting bar for changing the case, I have to tediously highlight each field and go through the menu selections to change the case.  Is there a keyboard shortcut I can use to change case, or a way to add case to the formatting bar?  I can only find keyboard shortcuts for bold, italic etc., but not case.

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          No, but by using Replace Field Contents, you can change the case of every record in your table for a given field so that could save you some effort.

          Make a back up copy of your file
          Click in the field.
          Select Replace Field Contents from the Records menu
          Select the calculation option and enter Proper ( YourTable::YourFieldName )
          Perform the Replace

          Don't do this on a mult-user system at a time when other users might be editing the same records.