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Keyserver (license control) - FMP updates remove control

Question asked by AlDownie on Jul 7, 2010
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Keyserver (license control) - FMP updates remove control


Hi all,

I'm using KeyServer (Sassafras Software inc) to control our 30 licenses of FMP v11. (for those unfamiliar with the system, we 'key' an installed instance of FMP, then any number of our users can copy that instance of FMP to their hard disks, but the KeyServer will only allow 30 users to launch the software simultaneously. If they lose their network connection to the KeyServer (i.e. they go offsite), the software will not launch).

This system works well for us, BUT... in the case of FileMaker, as soon as someone performs a software update, the keyed version of the application is replaced by an unkeyed one, so we lose our launch-control.

Does anyone else run FileMaker in conjunction with a KeyServer (or other license control package)? If so, how have you dealt with the problem?

Is it possible to disable software updates (by users) in FMP, on the basis that I'll deploy 'keyed' updates for my users?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.