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Keyword search in a field (match any words)

Question asked by SivaRaja on Oct 5, 2013
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Keyword search in a field (match any words)



     I have two tables, one containing list of softwares. (Table:Softwares)

     And other containing customers terminal profile.(Table:CustProfile)

     I want to search any matching keywords from CustProfile.field1 to any word in Softwares.field5


     For ex

     Softwares table has a field "supported operating systems". which contains comma separated items

     of supported OSes. ( like "Linux,Solaris,Mac,Win7,Win-Xp" etc)


     Customer profile table will contain a field containing a list of terminals he/she  has used so for to access.

     (like "Win7, Android"   or "Mac,iPhone" )


     From customer's listing I want to find all the Softwares that are supported for each of his OSplatform and show together in result.


     I want the loop and extended find performing script. Thank you.