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    keywords/tags system with links



      keywords/tags system with links




      for my cocktail database I wanted to add keywords/tags (sweet, bitter, fruity, ...) that I could assign to different drinks.

      I'd love to have the possibility to click on one keyword that will give me a list of all the drinks with that keyword.


      I've created a keyword table with the cocktails ID linked and the keyword. However, I'd like the keywords to be displayed one after another. How would I be able to do this and have a seperate "go to related record" for each individual keyword?

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          Set up a portal to your keywords table and it will list all the keywords specified for that cocktail record. If you want a horizontal list, a calculation in the cocktail table can use Substitute ( List ( Keywords::tagfield ) ; ¶ ; ", " ).

          I don't think Go To Related Record will work for you here. That would take you from a CockTail record to it's related set of keyword records. Wouldn't you want to see a list of all CockTail Records with the same keyword?

          This script would do that:

          If [ Not Isempty ( Keywords::tagfield ) ]
             Set Variable [$Tag ; value: Keywords::tagField ]
             Enter Find mode []
             Set field [keywords::tagField ; $Tag ]
             Perform Find []
          End If

          Put a button inside the portal's row to perform this script.