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      Kiosk Maker


           Just  a quick question - I am researching the ability of Filemaker pro advanced 13 to create a very simple Kiosk application.  My desire is to obtain minimal information (name, email address) for prospective candidates at career fairs.   I want to be able to ask the candidate to select the submit button after they have entered this information.  I would like the system to then send the candidate an email with information about our company.  Is this something that this software can do without a ton of development effort?  I will be using a stand alone all in one PC with windows 8 and constant internet connection.

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               Sounds like something that would take less than an hour to set up in FileMaker Advanced provided you already have a compatible Email client or SMTP email server set up.

               You can download the 30 day free trial software and use it to set up your file. Once you have it working the way you want, you can purchase Advanced and very easily turn it into a Kiosk solution.