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    Kiosk mode



      Kiosk mode


      I have developed a application which will running on general mode and kiosk mode in this what i want is that when the user run that application in kiosk mode then it will automatically increase the size of the layouts so its layout looks good on kiosk mode depending upon the screen resolution.how can i achieve such type of functionality in file maker.
      Deepak Gupta.


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          Depending on the version of FileMaker you are using, you could play around with the object anchors available in the "Object Info" box.


          Another option would be to create 2 different layouts and control the navigation via scripts to determine which mode you are on.

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            I am using filemaker pro 10 advanced.i know abt anchors but how it can be used to incresae the size of the objecys.what i want is that i want to increase the size of the objects that is on the layout in kiosk mode.


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              Let's say, for example, that you design a layout that is 800 x 600 pixels.  You anchor the an object to the Left, Right, Top, and bottom...


              Now if you expand that window larger than the 800 x 600, you will see the object increase in size to accommodate.  That won't increase the text size...but whatever objects you want to resize, will resize.  If you need everything to be a different size (like fonts, etc) you will need a separate layout.


              Actual Layout Size ( Image from SixFriedRice Blog )




              Resized Layout with Object Anchors On