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    Kiosk mode / user access



      Kiosk mode / user access


           I am setting up a new database in Fmpro advanced 13, and am using kiosk mode. My database is for patients and doctors to log into. I need them to be able to log into the same record but so that patients cannot see some of the fields doctors will input into. My main problem is trying to set up the front page layout that the patient will access. I need them to verify 2 or 3 fields before they get access - their name and date of birth etc. How do I set it up so that they have to verify more than 1 field before accessing their part of the database?

           Many thanks for any ideas / help.


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               Use global fields for this. Add a button to perform a script. Use the script to verify the contents of the data entered into the fields to deny or allow access.

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                 Ok I'll give it a try thanks, I'll be back if I have any problems! Cheers 

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                   Will this work in find mode? I assume I would make a script to "perform a find".


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                     You'd use browse mode for the data entry, but your script can enter find mode and use the contents of global fields to set up the find requests. See this thread: Scripted Find Examples

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                         Hi again.

                       I tried to make a script as you directed me to in the link you gave - it is in a screen shot attached. I assigned it to a button which should take me to the patient layout to do the find request. 

                       For some reason it does not bing take me to find mode. Can you advise what step I may have got wrong? Many thanks, Louise


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                         Your system is only in find mode long enough to perform the find. Then it is back in Browse mode. In your script Enter Find Mode takes your window into find mode and Perform Find performs the find and returns to Browse mode.

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                           Ok so I now realise I had assigned the script to a button at the wrong step in the process. I have made a new script button but now the fields I want to do the search on don't allow me to enter data??


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                             I don't see any reason to change your script from what you have posted here. With this script, you should be in Browse Mode to enter the search criteria into the global fields. then you click the button and the script does the rest. There is no reason that I can see to put the layout in Find Mode for the user to enter criteria as they would do that in Browse mode before performing the script.

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                               Thanks for your replies, I am getting in knots, and have lost several hours on this today!

                               They are patient records, so for confidentiality reasons, I need the user to be able to make the initial search so that they cannot see anyone else's records.  Therefore browse mode would not be appropriate. do you know what kind of step I'd need to include to allow this?


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                                 Browse mode on a layout that only contains the global fields used for searching will not have this problem. Even if they can change records, they can only see the data in the global search fields. This is even less of an issue in Kiosk mode where you are locking them out of the menus and ToolBar anyway. (And custom menus can lock out keyboard shortcuts for Show All records, etc.)

                                 But I'd also take a look at this:

                                 See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help and check out this particular sub section: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis" for a description of how to set this up.

                                 It's a much more robust way to limit access to different records that works with both Kiosk and non-Kiosk interfaces.