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Kiosk mode not doing what I'm wanting it to do

Question asked by PrathameshDatar on Jun 13, 2011
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Kiosk mode not doing what I'm wanting it to do


Hi guys,

I've just started using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 about 6 months ago, and am creating a sport tracking application. i'm 80 percent done with the development, and want to test the Kiosk mode and eventually the run time version of my database. Basically my end result is to have my database without any menus, layout selector, 'New Record' Buttons etc .. ( which I believe you can accomplish using the Developer Utilities -> Kiosk Mode ). 

But I've been exporting my database in Kiosk mode, but I find it no different in navigation. It has the menu tool bar hidden at the start, but I can still go ahead, expand it and go to layouts without using buttons on the layout ( which I don't want my users to be doing )

Am I doing something wrong in the export ? 

Thanks in Advance.