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    Kiosk mode on FMP10 NOT Advanced



      Kiosk mode on FMP10 NOT Advanced


      If a file is created in FMP10 Advanced and placed in Kiosk mode, can the file be opened and used on a PC running FMP10 NOT Advanced?


      The user would never have any need/reason to access the file via an Admin account.



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             If you use FMPro10 Adv to create a runtime with kiosk mode enabled, you will be able to run it on a PC.  Being a runtime it does not need any version of Filemaker to run.
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            Wow -- I didn't know that.


            Actually, what I would like to do is install it on a server so that a number of people in one office would have access to it for entering/updating data.  The problem is that the server is 1200 miles from me, and I would be the only one with Admin rights and who would modify and customize the file.


            Thanks for the quick response!

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              Steve Wright

              In which case what TKnTexas stated will not apply.


              But to answer your question, yes..  A file created to open in kiosk mode, will also open in kiosk mode within filemaker pro

              What TKnTexas was referring to was a runtime version of the kiosk app, which does not network.

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                That's what I thought, but wasn't sure if they would need the Advanced version, too.  But I sure as heck didn't know that a runtime version would run on any PC.  That will be great for demos.





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                     The runtime can be on a networked drive (it is not recommended) but it will work.  It is single user.  I have a runtime for recording payments made to AmEx by the employees.  A single check is issued each week with payments for all AmEx expense reports submitted that week.  I update that one check with the multiple amounts per card member.  I use it each Friday for about 15 minutes.  I have it on a networked drive.  This is so the AmEx program administrator can see who has made payments (these show in a portal for each card member).  And it does work flawlessly.  I have enabled FMPro security.  So although it is on a shared drive it is secured, one because she is the only other person that knows it is there.