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    Kiosk Mode Script Caching



      Kiosk Mode Script Caching


      It appears that scripts are cached in databases configured to run in kiosk mode.  Is this by design or a bug?  To see what I'm talking about:


      Create a database

      Create a read only user

      Create a script:

           If[Get ( LayoutName ) = "A"]

                Pause/Resume Script [Duration (seconds): 5]

                Go to Layout ["B"]

                Exit Script (or Halt Script)


                Pause/Resume Script [Duration (seconds): 5]

                Go to Layout ["A"]

           End If

      Create a layout called A with a script trigger OnLayoutEnter to run the script above

      Duplicate the layout above and name it B

      Duplicate it again and name it C

      Create a kiosk mode copy of this database

      Upload it to a FM server


      Okay, now load the database with the read only user credentials and you should see the screen cycle between layouts A & B.  Login from another computer as the Admin and edit the script to Go to Layout ["C"] instead of B.  Save the script and watch the screen continue to cycle between layouts A & B on the original computer.  What causes this and how can I edit the script in such a way that any kiosks running the database will run the scripts as they are at the time they are being run?  This behaves as expected when not in kiosk mode.