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Known bugs or my code?

Question asked by Frinholp on Aug 26, 2010
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Known bugs or my code?


I have a created a script that is triggered by a button press which opens a new window, arranges all windows (only two windows, the main window and new window open at this point) tiled vertically then selects the main window.

The window that opens contains a log for the current record in the main window. If left open, whilst editing the record in the main window the changes are reflected in the log window but occasionally both windows freeze and filemaker has to be terminated by the system. I cannot see a pattern as to when this error occurs. It seems to be random 

Is this a known bug or my code? Do I need to freeze a window whilst another is edited? I am a little lost on this one. 

I have hidden the status bar and scripted most of its functionality myself. However, if a sort or search has been performed and a new record is created without unsorting the records or refreshing the records (show all records), records get created without coresponding related records which should be created by script. This results in fields that are usually are auto-filled are given a null value.

Now for the strange part, these newly created records can be navigated through and all existing records dissapear. These records do not seem to really exist in my database. If I 'show all records' the new corrupt records are gone, as if they were just held in memory and not saved to disk and my old records return???

Seems I have mentioned my log above I have another question. Obviously a log can get pretty large over time on consistently changing data therefore I require a scroll bar on the log field. Is there anyway to show the scroll without that field being active?

Thanks in advance