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    Known Issues with Send Mail via SMTP



      Known Issues with Send Mail via SMTP


      I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced and sending email to a group of people from a data table.   The various email addresses are just fields from the table.   I check the LastError after the Send Mail statement and am finding an error on about 75% of attempts.   The send mail statement is in a loop so that if an error occurs it retries 5 times before moving on the the next person.  Nevertheless there are still more than 50% failures.   If I change the Send Mail statement to use my email client it works perfectly, every time without fail.    The SMTP setup details are correct, and it does work sometimes.   Any ideas or known issues would be appreciated.

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          I'm new to FM and are using FMP 10 Advanced. I test the email function with a table with three rows, only the first email was send if I use SMTP, but if I use the default email client (in my case apple Mail) all three emails was send successfully. It seems that the problems are the same as you.


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            Hi, John-


            There is definitely a big problem and yet there is almost no useful information here about it.


            I too have several hundred records for which I would like to send out emails.


            I have found like others that there are nasty UTF-8 issues with the Name and Subject fields, although that does not seem to be what is causing me (like you) to get this error.


            I have found that if it fails for one message to a given domain, if I have several more records to that same domain, they will all fail, one after the other. This leads me to believe that the issue is not with the message content, since for each of my outgoing messages, the message content is different.


            Don't bother submitting the issue to FM, all they say is "can't reproduce problem". Today I am going to work on this problem until I find the reason why some of my messages fail and some don't. I'll report back. 

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              To supply further information, the following is my message body:



              "Dear " & Name & ", "
              "Your score is " & Score & "." 
              The title of the email is just "Test 2" and all three emails were send to email address having the same domain name.
              With such a simple message body, it is unlikely that it is related to UTF encoding problem. As the first email can be send and received successfully, I do not think it is related to the domain neither.




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                Well I found my problem and it wasn't FM's fault. 


                I started a tcpdump on my machine to see what was happening and found that for some of my records, the "from" email address was not an account on the server, so the server rejected it.


                If any of you can manage to capture the tcpdump of your port 25 (or port 587 in my case) traffic, you might see why your smtp server is rejecting your messages. 


                I can say that it would be very helpful if FM would log these failed SMTP messages or give a hint as to the failure reason as told to it by the smtp server..."Email failed to be sent successfully" isn't too helpful. 


                There still does seem to be a weird utf encoding issue with the From name and Subject fields, but currently, those aren't stopping my emails from going out.


                Good luck all 

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                  John Kelly:


                  Thank you for your post.


                  We have run into some problems with the encoding of email messages.  Usually, the encoding is with the "To:" section.  It appears the if any name is included with the email address, the name is not encoded properly.  Some servers seem to work fine, but others (especially gmail) have problems with it.  If the user only sends the email address and omits the name, the message is sent.  Again, this only occurs with some servers.


                  Interestingly, we have also seen some cases where the SMTP server sent information back to us that the email was not sent, when in actuality it was sent. 


                  Which SMTP server are you using?  Are there any special settings?  Passwords?  etc.


                  mwtse: Same question goes to you.


                  Paul Bruneau:  Yes, you should always notify us if you encounter a problem.  That way, it will get reported.  Just because we can't duplicate a problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist!  Also, if there are a few reports of this happening, we will want to find out why we can't duplicate the problem and what is different with our set up and the customer's set up.  This is how we discovered the problem with gmail and other servers.  Even though you have it working now, your comments may help other users, and it may also provide a clue to why this is occurring.


                  Regarding the hint to what caused the email to fail is an excellent suggestion.  I encourage you to enter this into our Feature Suggestion web form located at:




                  Although I can copy your suggestion and paste it into this web form, there are additional questions asked that only you can answer.



                  FileMaker, Inc. 

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                       OK thanks TSGal. I will submit a feedback request for that. It's the least I could after all those undeserved thoughts I had about FMI when trying to figure out my problem :)
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                      Paul Bruneau:


                      One additional piece of information....


                      If you are sending email via a script, you can use Get ( LastError ) function to retrieve results.  If Get ( LastError) returns 0 (zero), then the email was sent successfully.


                      In the FileMaker Pro Help, search for "FileMaker Pro error codes" and you can trap for the following errors:


                      1501 - SMTP authentication failed

                      1502 - Connection refused by SMTP server

                      1503 - Error with SSL

                      1504 - SMTP server requires the connection to be encrypted

                      1505 - Specified authentication is not supported by SMTP server

                      1506 - Email(s) could not be sent successfully

                      1507 - Unable to log in to the SMTP server


                      This should help you further narrow down the cause.



                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                           Hi everyone.  Thanks for your input.   I don't think it's a problem with the SMTP server rejecting the email because of any content like names etc.  I say this because I enclose each Send Mail statement in a loop that exits immediately after a successful send, but tries again (up to five times) if it fails.  I count and record the number of attempts necessary.  Where a send is successful it is often on the 3rd, 4th or 5th attempt.   The information was identical.   The reason it did not send successfully on the first attempt(s) is the core of this problem.    As I mentioned initially there is no problem when my email client sends the same email to the same server.   It would seem that identifying the differences in the data stream sent by the email client compared to the FM application would identify the problem.   There must be a difference.   And the difference is the reason for the problem.
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                             Perhaps you could modify your script to log each "failed email" error code in a text field somewhere. Reporting those error codes back here to the "Filemaker Gnomes" might just give them the clue they need to improve things.
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                            Hi John-


                            I hear what you are saying. Unfortunately, I didn't see that issue so I can't add anything useful for you.


                            All my failed messages failed each and every time I tried to send them (and the failure was my fault). When I fixed the issue with the From email address each and every previously failed message went right through.


                            I had it "easy" because it is my own email server (EIMS) and so I was able to watch the mail server logs, and in the end, monitor the TCP stream to see exactly why the server was rejecting the messages.


                            If you can log the communication between your FM machine and the mail server, you might get a clue about what is failing (on OS X I used tcpdump in a terminal window).


                            Good luck! 

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                              Thanks for the error list, TSGal, but unfortunately in my case I only ever got the 1506 message which seems to be a "catchall" error message. To be fair to FM, it is probably the case that mail servers can return possibly dozens of different error messages, so it's not possible for FM to have an error code for each one.


                              FM would have to log the actual error response from the mail server or something to be more helpful. 

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                                For my case, I'm using my ISP's STMP server and I use plain password. 

                                I also have subscribed a web-hosting service which include email accounts but NO outgoing email server, so I have also using my ISP's STMP server for different email accounts without any problems. The most straight problem is the the first email can be sent but not the second and third one. However, I'll try different combinations to see what happens.

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                                  Hi all,

                                  Has this problem been solved?  If not I think I have the solution.

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                                    Hi John,

                                    I am having the exact same problem as you described. Did you find a solution?

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