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Question asked by StuckAgain on Jan 6, 2013
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Label Counter & Check Duplicates Still Not Working


     The previous thread got too long.  I spent 8+ hours last night finally getting all the field data to display, except the problem remains that when there are multiple rows of data, multiple labels still get printed instead of only one label based upon the 'Callsign" field.  I have both the 'Counter' and 'CheckDuplicates' fields ON the label layout.  The Counter is working fine and the CheckDuplicates calculation is exactly the same as what used to work but with the new Table name substituted.

     Reference the attached screenshot from the Preview Mode, I need to get only ONE label printed for Callsign 'K5D' instead of the 3 that show in Preview but that isn't happening.  I still get duplicate labels (as many as there are rows of data).

     Hopefully an FMP Tech Guru lurking here can solve the problem (which is what it took 5 years ago).  FMP v8.0 Advanced.

     Thank you.

     Stuck Again