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    Label Formatting Problem



      Label Formatting Problem



           I'm creating a mail merge that I want to print out on index cards that come 4 to a sheet, sized 5.5"wide x 4.25" tall. I created a new Label layout and specified 2 columns and entered the dimensions. After much tweaking I am able to get exactly one row to print per page, which is two index cards.

           Earlier I created mailing labels and specified an Avery label number and all worked fine. Since my index cards are just another size label, I don't know why specifying 2 columns 4.25" tall (height as the layout wizard calls it) does not print 4 index cards (labels) per page.

           I have my paper size set to 8.5x11 and am using landscape orientation.

           Any ideas?

           Thanks in advance,


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               Two cards each 4.25" tall adds up to 8.5" the total width of your page. But few printers can actually print edge to edge. They often have a "printable area" less than 8.5 x 11 inches and thus your layout may not fully "fit" inside the printable area for your printer and thus you get one row of cards per page. If this is the issue, you'll need to reduce the height slightly in order to get two rows of cards to a page.

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                 I guess what had thrown me off was the display in the 'Edit Layout' screen. I could only get one instance of my form letter to display no matter what I did with the margins / text box dimensions.


                 I resized the text box and now have all 4 cards displayed. Thanks for the help!