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Label Formatting Problem

Question asked by MarkRuddeforth on Dec 16, 2013
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Label Formatting Problem



     I'm creating a mail merge that I want to print out on index cards that come 4 to a sheet, sized 5.5"wide x 4.25" tall. I created a new Label layout and specified 2 columns and entered the dimensions. After much tweaking I am able to get exactly one row to print per page, which is two index cards.

     Earlier I created mailing labels and specified an Avery label number and all worked fine. Since my index cards are just another size label, I don't know why specifying 2 columns 4.25" tall (height as the layout wizard calls it) does not print 4 index cards (labels) per page.

     I have my paper size set to 8.5x11 and am using landscape orientation.

     Any ideas?

     Thanks in advance,