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Label layout is only printing 1 record

Question asked by ahutler on Jan 10, 2011
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Label layout is only printing 1 record


I want to create a label layout, so I can print labels for objects in my collection. I only want their identification number field to be on the labels. I have selected Avery 5160- address size. So this is 3 colums of 10 to be 30.

When I go through the new layout making process, I select avery 5160, but when it finishes and I enter layout mode to look at it, only 1 id # comes up, or 1 label per sheet. So If I have 30 completely different objects/ID #s in that field it won't pull up on the layout. Only the 1st object in the search query.

How do I get 30 different records to pull up  on this label sheet and all print?