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    Label layout is only printing 1 record



      Label layout is only printing 1 record


      I want to create a label layout, so I can print labels for objects in my collection. I only want their identification number field to be on the labels. I have selected Avery 5160- address size. So this is 3 colums of 10 to be 30.

      When I go through the new layout making process, I select avery 5160, but when it finishes and I enter layout mode to look at it, only 1 id # comes up, or 1 label per sheet. So If I have 30 completely different objects/ID #s in that field it won't pull up on the layout. Only the 1st object in the search query.

      How do I get 30 different records to pull up  on this label sheet and all print?


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          In layout mode or browse mode? In layout mode you will only see the fields and layout objects for a single record. This is so you can modify the layout design if needed.

          In browse mode, you should see a single column of label records down the left hand side of your screen.

          In preview mode, you should see a full page of labels and you should check this view with the printer you intend to use to print the labels selected in print setup to make sure you are getting a full page of labels. (Sometimes you'll find the bottom row is missing until you adjust your layout slightly.)

          When printing, make sure you select "Records being browsed" to print all the records in your current found set.