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    Layout based on Selection Formula?



      Layout based on Selection Formula?


      Hi All


      Is there a way to crease a Layout and then have the data which is shown based on a Formula?


      For example if you have a database with employee details in and you want to create a view which only shows you current employees. Can you create the layout to use all data which doesn't have a termination date?


      Hope that makes sense.




      Dave :)

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          With the OnLayoutEnter script trigger, you can perform a find that either finds all current employee records or omits all terminated employees from the current found set. There are ways to further fine tune this layout's interface with custom menus if you have FileMaker Advanced.

          You can also use a portal with a portal filter to display all records from this table that do not have a termination date.

          It's also possible to use a record level access expression in Manage | Security to limit access on this layout to just current employees.

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            Thanks for your reply that worked a treat :)