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Layout behavior differs between FMP9 and 11

Question asked by Wimmachine on Jun 3, 2010


Layout behavior differs between FMP9 and 11


Hello.  Some background:  I am in a mixed-version environment,  FMP 9, 10 and 11.  Only one person is currently running 10 (not me) but I run both 9 and 11, usually developing on 11 and checking compatibility with 9.  The database is shared using FMP9 FileMaker Network.  


I have a List View layout that has about 15 summary fields (from related tables) on it, and some other (non-calculation) fields.  The layout is currently displaying about 50 records, but that can vary.  So right now in total there are 750 individual summary fields being displayed at once on screen.  Everything is working fine as far as the data is concerned, but I have noticed a strange discrepancy between versions 9 and 11 in how the layout loads.


Using FMP9, when I first load the layout, the first record is displayed and the 15 summary fields begin popping up in order from left to right. It takes less than a second for all summary fields to display for the record, but you can clearly see them loading from left to right. Then the next record loads in this fashion, etc, all the way down the screen.  It takes about 20 seconds for all data on the layout to load, which is acceptable considering the amount of summary fields.  If I switch to another layout and then return back, the layout loads instantly, and the layout will continue to load instantly until I close FM and reconnect to the DB.


Using FMP11, when I first load the layout, it's the same story.  First record displays with summary fields popping up from left to right, etc, about 20 seconds.  However if I switch to another layout and return back, I have to sit through another 20 seconds of numbers popping up on my screen. Essentially every time I visit this layout it "redraws" itself. 


Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas why the same layout would load differently on different versions?  If it's not clear, I prefer the way FMP9 handles the layout, but we will probably be phasing out FMP9 eventually, and I'm not looking forward to explaining why the layout has to load every time you visit it (partly because I don't know why..)


I can provide more detail if necessary.  Thanks!