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Layout calculations and printing

Question asked by JosephD.Marchione on Dec 20, 2013
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Layout calculations and printing


     I use Filemaker to address my Christmas card envelopes and noticed an issue this year. In the past I was able to create a paper size to match my envelope(s) and print them on my center-fed HP printer. This year, that didn't seem to work, at least with custom sizes!  It seemed no matter what I told it the paper size was, it thought it was printing from the trailing end, and to one side (not centered), on letter-size paper.  The only way around this was to create my layout on a letter size layout, with my return address and mailing address set up centered on the leading edge.

     Now if I have to do THAT (calculating the trailing edge of the envelope, centering based on height, and laying out the envelope (return addy slightly off the top left corner, and mailing address just under centered), I would LIKE to be able to do that all by calculation and have FIlemaker do it on the fly. That way I can create an envelope DB with dimensions, use that as the value list of the card, and then have it position things correctly on the fly with only one layout.

     To make this work, I need to be able to position objects on a layout by calculation.  Is this possible?