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layout challenges

Question asked by Skeyelab on Mar 25, 2009
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layout challenges


first of all, thanks to all who have been helping me...


now, i am facing a layout challenge:


My report is an Estate Appraisal Report.  I am getting all info and fields i need into my report, i just have one challenge i dont know how to solve.


Our line items look like:


1.   Item Title                                                     $Item Price

      Item Description



The problem is that our descriptions can be either non existant, or rather long - depending on the item at hand.  How can I make this field automatically resize to the proper size?  I have the understanding that i should make the field the largest ever possible, and set it to shrink.  If this is the case, should i just make the description field so big that it fills my page?  Then set to shrink?


Is there a better way?  I could attach/include a copy of the desired report they produce in MSWord currently if that helps.