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    layout challenges



      layout challenges


      first of all, thanks to all who have been helping me...


      now, i am facing a layout challenge:


      My report is an Estate Appraisal Report.  I am getting all info and fields i need into my report, i just have one challenge i dont know how to solve.


      Our line items look like:


      1.   Item Title                                                     $Item Price

            Item Description



      The problem is that our descriptions can be either non existant, or rather long - depending on the item at hand.  How can I make this field automatically resize to the proper size?  I have the understanding that i should make the field the largest ever possible, and set it to shrink.  If this is the case, should i just make the description field so big that it fills my page?  Then set to shrink?


      Is there a better way?  I could attach/include a copy of the desired report they produce in MSWord currently if that helps.

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          The slide up, also shrink enclosing part feature will do what you want.




          The feature will only be visible in preview mode or when you print the report.




          This feature is tricky. If you have multiple fields on your layout, changing the position of a field even 1 pixel may affect whether the fields slide and shrink correctly.


          If I have to make major use of the sliding property, I often set up a script to a) preview the report b) pause c) return to browse mode. While paused, the user sees what the report will look like if they print it and has the option of either printing hard copy or just continuing the script to return to browse mode.

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               So do I just make the description box crazy long and set it to shrink?
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                 I should add that this layout is for print only
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                Skeyelab wrote:
                So do I just make the description box crazy long and set it to shrink?




                Check your settings. There are several options and choosing the right ones depend on your layout design. Use preview to see if things are sliding/shrinking correctly.



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                  thanks - its working great now.


                  ALways a great help Phil