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    Layout design question



      Layout design question


      On a layout in filemaker pro 10, is it possible to keep a header in view, or from sliding up out of view, if the page is long and have only the body to slide up & down.

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          If you use list view instead of form view, the header will stay put while the body scrolls.

          You may have to pay more attention to what records make up your current found set, however, as the scrolling will also scroll you to other records unless you use one method or another to restrict your found set to the current record.

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            List view works. However I am difficulty with limiting to one record. When I select a record to view, what method is best for viewing the record I select? Each record is unique by a field called "Message_ID". I need to include this method in  script step.


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              A script attached to a button can do this

              Set Variable [$ID ; value: YourTable::Message_ID]
              Enter Find Mode []
              Set Field [YourTable::Message_ID ; $ID ]
              Perform Find[]

              If you aren't sharing the database over a network, you can also use:

              Show All Records
              Omit Record
              Show Omitted Only

              (As LaRetta taught me, in a multi-user system, there's small chance that the second script will fail to isolate just one record if another user manages to create a new record after Show All Records but before Show Omitted Only executes.)

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                Yes I do share these files.

                Thanks for the script.