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    Layout Dimensions



      Layout Dimensions


      I'm a bit puzzled about Filemaker Pro (14) and layout dimensions.  I set a layout 1t 8.5" by 11".  But when I print it, I get two pages in length but at let 2 " cut off from the width.  Shouldn't this red from simply be printed within one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper?

      Please see attached SS.  Thanks for any help!



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          I assume that you have "show margins" enabled here? This red rectangle doesn't show what I see when that view option is enabled. Few printers can print "edge to edge" so your layout design has to fit within the "printable area" specific to a given printer, page size and page orientation. This area will then be less than the full dimensions of your page. One way to set up a layout that works the same for nearly any plain paper printer is to use Layout Set up to specify page margins at least a bit larger than the limits of your printer's printable area. (about a half inch or more on all sides generally works..)

          And note that if your layout is even a pixel larger than will "fit", you get that second page printed.

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            Thanks so much.  But where are the "show margins" preference?

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              It's an option in the View menu. There are a number of options there that can be useful when in Layout Mode.

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                OK...  hmmmm.  All I want is a layout to be precisely 8.5 x 11, so it fits on a printed page.  In my Layout mode I drag the boundaries to 8.5 and 11 according to the rulers.  Then I drew a shape well within my printer bleed settings in the layout.  Then when I choose Show Margins, a grey area appears which now stretches down to almost 12.

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                  And that doesn't work in Filemaker as you have discovered.

                  Get rid of the rectangle that you are drawing. It won't work for you. In Layout Setup, on the printing tab, you can specify margins. Specify margins of a half inch or larger. While still in layout mode, use print set up to specify both the printer and the page size/orientation. Then, either enable Page breaks in the view menu or show margins. Adjust the layout height to fit within the specified page size (if view margins) or the page break line (if page breaks are selected).

                  You can adjust the layout width in similar fashion or just keep all printable layout objects to the left of the vertical page break or displayed page margin line.