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layout for a letter

Question asked by KBGF75 on Apr 29, 2009
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layout for a letter


I want to create a FM7 capability for printing a single-page form letter for sending to selected members of a non-profit. Changes to the text would occur only occasionally. I see this as a simple alternative to a merge process.
My newbie approach has been to create a "letter" layout, form view, in which the letter's text is contained in a large text box located in the Body. Date, salutation (name from a field) and letterhead (object) will be in the Header. I would find the records I want, switch to the letter layout, and print the found records. Is this a sensible start?
I've already run into a stumbling block concerning page breaks. The Body is broken into a half dozen pages; the page-break lines are obvious in the layout view. I want to remove the breaks, but I've not been able to find the needed guidance in FMP Help, or perhaps to understand what I've read.