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    layout for welcome screen



      layout for welcome screen


      I am very new to Filemaker Pro. So please pardon me if the question is trivial. 


      I want to make a welcome screen for a database. I want to have buttons on this screen that link to layouts for tables within the database. It will not display any data. When I try to create a layout, I am required to select a table, in the "Show Records from" drop down. Is it not possible to have a layout independent of any tables?


      Is there any other way to implement this welcome screen other than using layouts? 


      I tried finding an answer by searching the web, but couldn't get one .. maybe I did not use the right keywords. 


      I am using Filemaker Pro 10. 

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          Howdy sanketb,

          Welcome to the forum:


          Is it not possible to have a layout independent of any tables? No.  But since you don't want to show data, it doesn't matter what table it's based on...just pick one.


          Make a layout with no fields, just buttons...call it "Directory" or "Welcome".  Set up your buttons with "GoToLayout" functions so that when they are clicked they go to where you want.  having the layout based on a table won't get in your way...and it doesn't even matter what table it's based on.

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            For this reason, I create an empty table in many of my databases. It has no defined fields and I often name it "NoData". Use this table for any layout that serves as a buttons only or splash screen.


            Why? So a user can't mess things up by accidentally creating a spurious record in an important table by clicking ctrl-N. :smileywink:


            Of course, with advanced, I could also use custom menus to disable such commands on this layout, but creating an empty table seemed easier.

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              good idea Phil,


              NOT having advanced (it disappeared into the ether left by another employee leaving), I'll often set keyboard priviliges to minimal to take out the Ctrl-N issue.  There are enough times when creating a new record is more involved than just ctrl-N and needs a "new record" script.  ctrl-n in that case gets ugly in a hurry on FMP8 where I can't trigger a script.


              Thanks for the input!