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    Layout Help



      Layout Help


      Hi There,


      I am very new to this program, and databases in general.


      I am wanting to created a database that will help track and manage data for music festival management.

      I currently hold all the information that i use and collect in spreadsheets, and want to migrate it all to a database.

      As i hope it will cut down the amount for information to be entered and better streamline the process.


      I have read though the missing manual for Filemaker 10 and have grasped some basics, and i am using filemaker 10 on OSX.



      I have created the following tables


      Event - 

      This table will hold all the information for the event, Event Name, Location, Times, Contact Names of Key Management Positions, etc



      This is the main working table that will pull all the information from all the other tables to make the event.

      This  will collect; Item, Qty, Location, Dept, Comment, Del, Col.


      Items -

      This is a list of items that can be used on the event site, such as Toilets, Site Sheds, Fence, Barriers, ect. There can be multiple of each, such as Toilets as these can be broken down in to different types, Portaloo, Male Block, Female block, Combo Block, 16 Pan, etc.

      Also in this table it will reference the supplier that can supply the product and the cost associated .


      Dept - 

      This is just a list of departments that each item can be charged back to.

      At the end of each event we need to be able to produce a report of the charge backs for accounting purposes.

      And need to be able to easily modify the list as it can change for event to event.


      Suppliers -

      All the details of the supplies that we are dealing with, and the preferred contact.


      Labour - 

      All the details of the workers on site.



      MY ISSUE


      What I can not get my head around currently is layouts. I know what I want it to do but not how to go about it.


      I want one layout based on orders that you can enter data based on location and would like to add multiple item per location such as.


      Location: Cloakroom



      Site Shed 1 Thurs Mon Site

      Toilet 2 Fri Mon Site

      Table 3 Sat Sat Site

      Chair 6 Sat Sat Site

      Flags 10 Sat Sat Decor

      Water 20 Sat - Bar

      Power 1 Thurs Mon Site




      I don't know where to start. 


      Could someone point me in to the right direction? maybe a great web site or book that woul help me along my way.





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          In your example, is "cloakroom" the location of the event (recorded in your event table) or a location within the event location (recorded in what table?) ?


          To link selected records from your item table to an event, you'll need a special table referred to as a "join" table as any number of items can be assigned to any number of events.


          If you are assigning items to an event (cloakroom is the event location), you'll need this:




          If you are assigning items to an location within the event location, you might have this:




          Going by the fields you've listed you'll also do better to create serial number ID fields to serve as primary keys in many if not all of these tables.


          I don't have a copy of the "Missing Manual" book, but I'd check it to see if it has a section on Many to Many relationships or Join tables for more background information on this approach.

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            There are free open templates that are worth looking at

            http://fmstartingpoint.com     is a good one for design ideas

            http://www.data4life.net/          is another


            There is a white paper worth reading at