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    Layout help and adding table



      Layout help and adding table



      I'm trying to change a starter solution layout to add something that is like a table where we can set criteria headers that the "enterer" can then add the necessary information below the header.

      For example, I need to have the 10's, 11's, 12's, 13's as the header all on one line and below blank so that the "enterer" can type the necessary information. I also need to have the table lines shown. How can I do this?

      10's 11's 12's 13's
      necessary info necessary info necessary info  necessary info


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          Which layout on which starter solution? WHich Version of FileMaker? (Version 12 has all new starter solutions)

          Will you need just one row of this data on the layout or multiple rows?

          We need to understand the existing design (under the hood) before we can suggest a solution, but it's possible that a portal can be set up for what you describe here. The "lines" can be the borders of the individual fields placed in the portal.

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            I have version 12 and am using the Inventory Starter Solution. I have 4 categories of information and need it to look like the uploaded image that shows the categores: BERRY SIZE, COLOR, BUNCH SIZE. Someone else set up this database using filemaker 11 and I now want to update/improve it. :)

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              But in what layout in the Inventory Starter Solution do you want to make this change? It has more than 10 different layouts and they aren't all based on the same table--a critical detail when attempting to figure out how to set this up.

              and now we have Berry Size, etc. instead of 10's, 11's, 12's etc.?