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Layout images changing size on their own

Question asked by StefanZaryczny on Mar 12, 2015


Layout images changing size on their own



I have a layout that is used for printing.  It was originally only used on Macs.  The layout was designed on a Mac as well.  It consists single page pdfs that were individually inserted as images and resized to fit within the page boundaries displayed by FileMaker in design mode. 

The layout is now being accessed by Windows 8.1 PCs.  Printing from a PC causes the pages to come out completely different.  If the layout is accessed in design mode each pdf image has been resized and is no longer within the FileMaker boundaries.

From what I have read in the FM forum the operating system renders images so they can display differently on a Mac vs PC.

Because of this I designed the same printing layout on a PC and setup the print button to use the Get(SystemPlatform) function and depending on the result navigate to the PC or Mac version of the print layout.  The problem I'm having now is the PC version's images are changing on their own.  For instance, I can go into design mode, set each image to fit within FM page boundaries and save/close layout.  Next, if I access the layout in design mode each image is no longer within the page boundaries.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?  If so, is there a work around to prevent the images from changing their size?

The Windows 8.1 PC is using FileMaker Pro 12.0v4