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Layout to resolve?

Question asked by SamRembert on Oct 10, 2013
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Layout to resolve?


     I've been using the same layout for years, I think since Filemaker 7.  It's a multi-step list of how various lighting fixtures plug into circuits and how those are mapped to control channels. 

     I really want the outcome to be in this format:

                    A                     1                     3 PAR
                                          3                     1 Leko
                                                                2 PARs
                                          8                     1 Worklight
                    B                     4                     4 PARs
                                          5                     2 Lekos
                    C                     10                     1 Leko
                                                                1 PAR
                                                                1 Practical
                                          12                     1 Worklight

     So, A controls 1, 3, and 8.  1 and 8 each have one line's worth of stuff plugged in, while 3 has two lines.  The kicker comes that prior to Filemaker 12,  I could make the stuff line up as above, so that the first line of A appeared to be lined up with A, and subsequent lines fell below.  As of Filemaker 12, I cannot figure out how to do this.  The graphic at the end might show it better.

     In order to accomplish this before, the first sub-summary and the second sub-summary were each 1-pixel high parts, with the text falling into the next space.  Using text-box sizing techniques, I could make everything line up.  Filemaker 12 cuts off anything that spills over the end of a sub-summary field, making this impossible.  I've tried sliding options and all sorts of things.  Nothing seems to be able to re-create that look.  

     The downside of the method above was that oftentimes, things would get cut off and lost at page breaks.  Either way, I'd like to somehow get that look back, and not have to resort to the look of the last part of my image below.

     Does this make any sense?