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Layout Issues

Question asked by RyanMcEniff on Jan 21, 2013
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Layout Issues


     Recently we upgrades from Macs to PCs (Win 7) and from FileMaker 5 to FilerMaker 12. 


     With that came some issues 

     1) We are a cleaning company and we type up cleaning evaluations then save them to the computer as a PDF then email them to the customer.  I noticed that the PDF layouts cut off a significant portion of the right side.  I went into the layouts and realized that the form layout was wider than the paper it was supposed to be on, ok easy fix, made adjustments and then saved, problem solved - no.  Not only will it still continue to save PDFs with the right side cut off, even though I saved the new layout when I go back into the "Edit layout" all the changes I made have reverted back to the old layout where all then input squares go further to the right, BUT it shows the new layout when I am printing or just viewing the evaluation form, and on top of that it now prints out correctly.  I have no idea where to go from this, and it is very frustrating, as well as being a waste of paper and ink to print out the evaluation, scan them, email them, then throw them away....

     Thank you for your help.  I added a pic to show you an example of the PDF issue.