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    Layout Mode and Browse Mode do not correspond!!!!!!



      Layout Mode and Browse Mode do not correspond!!!!!!



      For several days no, I have been having problems with FileMaker when it comes to editing objewcts in Layout mode. Essentially, Layout mode and Browse mode do not correspond! 

      For example:
      No matter how small I make an object in Layout Mode, once I switch over to Browse mode, it is not the same size (always much larger) and does not allign in the same spot. As you'll see below, I have resorted to moving objects to the wrong place, just so that they show up properly in Browse mode. 

      I built this database off a "Contacts" template that was offered on FileMaker, and I am only noticing these problems with fields that I added to the database, not that already existed and were editied.

      I hope someone can help me with this, it is really annoying, I've given up on playing around to make it look close to right and I urgently need to use FileMaker properly!!!

      Thank you so much.

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          Home > Designing and creating databases > Editing objects on layouts > Selecting and working with objects on a layout > Setting auto-resize options for layout objects

          Setting auto-resize options for layout objects
          You can set objects to automatically resize or move horizontally or vertically when the FileMaker Pro window is resized. Horizontal settings also apply to Preview mode and printing when the page size is wider than the size of the layout being viewed or printed.
          When layout objects are set to resize, they maintain a constant distance from the object to which they are anchored. This allows objects to move, expand, or contract when the FileMaker Pro window is resized.
          Anchor points are either the layout margin or the container margin in which an object resides. By default, objects are anchored on both the top and left side of the layout or page.
          To allow objects to resize or move when the FileMaker Pro window is resized:
          In Layout mode, select one or more objects on the layout.
          For more information, see Selecting objects.
          Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click Position.
          In the Autosizing area, select the line that indicates the side of the object that you want anchored to the layout or container.
          For example, to allow an object to maintain its horizontal position on the layout and expand the right when the window is made wider, leave the default left and top anchors selected and select the right anchor.
          Left, top, and right anchors selected in Autosizing area of the Inspector
          Tip  To allow an object to move to the right (rather than expand) when the window is made wider, clear the left anchor leaving the top and right anchors selected.