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Layout Mode and Browse Mode do not correspond!!!!!!

Question asked by filemakerbasic on Aug 11, 2012
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Layout Mode and Browse Mode do not correspond!!!!!!



For several days no, I have been having problems with FileMaker when it comes to editing objewcts in Layout mode. Essentially, Layout mode and Browse mode do not correspond! 

For example:
No matter how small I make an object in Layout Mode, once I switch over to Browse mode, it is not the same size (always much larger) and does not allign in the same spot. As you'll see below, I have resorted to moving objects to the wrong place, just so that they show up properly in Browse mode. 

I built this database off a "Contacts" template that was offered on FileMaker, and I am only noticing these problems with fields that I added to the database, not that already existed and were editied.

I hope someone can help me with this, it is really annoying, I've given up on playing around to make it look close to right and I urgently need to use FileMaker properly!!!

Thank you so much.