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Layout mode versus Browse mode

Question asked by AshleyFranklin on Jul 29, 2015
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Layout mode versus Browse mode


I am learning to be a develop for FMPro after being a user for several years, and I'm having trouble navigating from Layout view and Browse view.  I'm developing a custom solution where my layout is in form view.  I have a multiple page layout (where the body covers several pages).  In Layout view, I am able to scroll down and see multiple pages, objects, etc.  I've verified that none of the objects on the subsequent pages (2 and 3) have limited visibility in the Inspector.  However, when I click over to Browse mode, I can't see the subsequent pages (2 and 3) of my layout.  In Browse mode, my "book feature" has only 1 record (which is page 1 of my layout). Can you help me visualize all 3 pages of the layout (schema) in Browse mode like I see in Layout mode?