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Layout Navigation using Pop up?

Question asked by AmberSaundry on Aug 24, 2011
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Layout Navigation using Pop up?



I am using FM Pro 9.  I am an intermediate using, familar with basic database building, coding, and scripting.

I am looking to create a pop-up menu field, that will allow me to navigate between the layouts in my database.  I have multiple layouts for label contents and sizes, and instead of needing to click the layout list on the left, I'd like to insert a pop up menu at the top of my main layout to navigate to the label layouts.  Ie: select 'labels 4pp' in the pop up menu, and be instantly brought to that corresponding layout.

I have used buttons before, and assigned 'Go to Layout' scripts to these no problem.  Is there any way to have this functionality with a pop up menu?  I cannot figure out how to assign a script to each option in the value list.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,