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Layout not printing the same over Bonjour

Question asked by AndrewCohn on Jul 1, 2013
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Layout not printing the same over Bonjour


     I'm trying to set up a label printer to track warranty product information coming into our shop.  The label pritner is a DYMO Labelwriter 330.  The layout looks OK and prints OK when printing from the computer that is directly connected to the labelmaker.  The printer is shared over our network using Bonjour, however, when printing from a different computer the labels come out in a different sized font and do not fit on the label.  I've tried manually installing the printer drivers on the remote computer but there is still a discrepancy in the labels.

     Any ideas on why a remote computer would not print the label in the correct size/font?  We have a Print Setup script step that should apply the neccesary size for the label.