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    Layout Object Height Conditional on Other Object



      Layout Object Height Conditional on Other Object


      I have two fields side by side on a layout, that are 2.5 wide and .36 tall.  Both fields have a light gray fill color.

      When both fields are less than 30 characters, the sliding up feature removes blank space.  

      When both fields aregreater than 30 charactes, it will just fill out both the fields.

      The problem is when one is greater than 30 characters and one is not.  I wind up with one that's .36 tall with fill color, and one that's .18 tall with fill color.  Is there a way to have the one that's .18 expand to .36 even when there's not enough characters to fill the field?

      Thank you.

      Shari Foucher

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          That's a known and frustrating limitation to sliding fields unfortunately.

          Just tried an experiment to see if I could gin up a work around and was pleasantly suprised to see this idea work:

          Make a copy of field 2, make the text color of this copy the same as the fill color. Put it behind Field 1. Do the same with a copy of field 2 and put it behind field 1. Copying the fields copied their sliding properties so they will slide just like the original fields but when a field on top shinks to a smaller height than the field next to it, the fill color of the field behind it--that's the same height as the field next to--makes it look like it has not done so.

          Known limitations to this trick:

          1. The fields placed behind must have exactly the same dimensions and text styles as the originals except for the text color.
          2. The fields cannot have borders, only fill colors as the borders will put a line under the last row of text on the top fields--ruining the effect of this trick.