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Layout Object Visibility Control

Question asked by philmodjunk on Mar 20, 2012


Layout Object Visibility Control


I've collected a number of different methods for dynamically controlling the visibility of objects on a FileMaker layout in a single demo file where you can see how they work and better understand the trade offs to each.

Methods demonstrated:

Conditional format text size change: Shows how a size of 500 makes text and data disappear. This is usually better than changing the text color to match the background.

Invisible portal: Shows how manipulating the values in the relationship's key fields makes items in the portal appear and disappear.

Invisible Tab Control: Shows how script triggers can perform a script that uses go to object to select tab panels in an invisible tab control to make items appear and disappear.


There's a field with a border where both the field contents and the border's visibility are controlled by conditional format expressions.

There's a button that simulates dynamically enabling/disabling a button via condtional formatting and scripting.