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layout objects loosing connection to table fields

Question asked by med on Jul 16, 2013


layout objects loosing connection to table fields


     I developed an application where all the data tables are in separate files, and the main application file has only table occurances (plus other temp tables for processing).

     I have added a few fields to one of the tables in the data file and modified the script int he main application file using the new fields then used a new report layout using those new fields also.

     Every thing worked fine.

     I have a backup image on another computer so I modified the table in the data file adding the same fields in the same order. Then I copied the application file over and ran it. When I ran the application I got strange results so I went to layout mode and found that the objects in the layout are pointing to different fields of the table ......and also I found a <<missing filed>> in the script !!!!.

     What am I missing ... I doubled ckecked the spelling and compared the fields in both tables (in creation order)

     And I have done this before in other occasions and it worked.

      Just in case it matters, the fields I added have some numeric and some summary