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    Layout Order



      Layout Order


      Is there a way to set up different layout orders for different users? Half my users need to start at the "Accounts Page" layout and the other half have to start at the "Contact Page" layout. Both layouts must be accessible to each group of users though.


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          One idea might be to add scripted buttons that take your users through your layouts in the order they need. The script can identify the class of user and pull up the "next layout" that's appropriate for that class. You can even group a global field as part of a button so that your scripts can change the name of the button to show what layout it will switch to when clicked. It might show "Accounts" for some users and "Contacts" for others. (You'd need a script to identify the user type and set this global field accordingly.)


          A script can use Get ( AccountName ) or Get ( PrivilegeSetName ) to identify what class of user has opened the database and select the layout that's appropriate. You create this kind of script and then use File Options to set it to run when the file is opened. THat way users who need "Acounts" will see the database open to it and users who need "Contacts" will see the database open to that layout.