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    Layout pagination


      Layout pagination


           We have searched to no avail but cannot find how to dynamically allocate pages to a layout.

           We want to print an quotation which could be one line or several pages long. At the moment we have to allocate a fixed number of pages to the print layout which means that most of the time there are a number of blank trailing pages. Does not look very good.

           Is there any method of supressing print out of blank pages?

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               Can you describe in more detail what you mean by "pages"? FileMaker structures data into records and fields. Pagination then takes place during previewing, printing and saving as PDF.

               There are at least two possible options I can think of that may apply, but it depends on exactly how your database is designed to determine if either or both options might apply to your situation.

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                 Thanks for the reply, but careful searching of the demo files shows me that I have been approaching the problem from completely the wrong angle. I was trying to get a portal to print out, but that was not possible.


                 By using Title, Footer, Summary and Body parts on the layout then opening the layout with related data has worked.

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                   That is definitely the recommended way to go if you mean that you are using a list view layout based on the portal's table.

                   But for future reference, sometimes this is not possible--you may have more than one portal involved and you can print from a layout with a portal as long as you are careful to work within the limits that method entails.