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    Layout Part Behavior



      Layout Part Behavior


      In FM11, when a field in a body part touched a sub-summary part above it, the field only printed once.  I used this behavior often in reports to avoid repeatedly showing a common piece of information.  

      FM13, as best I can tell, does not do this.  I wish it did, but now I have to figure out a work around unless the FM community tells me I missed something.

      Thanks in advance. 

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          I do recall when this was possible, but to the best of my recollection, it was the update from 10 to version 11 where we saw this changed.

          You can use the Hide Object when property new to FileMaker 13 to hide the 2nd ... nth instances of an object in the body if you can set up an expression to identify when a given value is the first in the sub summary group.

          Say your sub summary sorts on a field named "category".

          your hide object when expression might then be:

          YourTable::category = GetNthRecord ( YourTable::category ; Get ( RecordNumber ) - 1 )

          This compares the value of category for the current record against the value of category in the preceding record and hides the layout object if they are the same.

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            Thanks, the hide object using GetNthRecord did the trick.